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Title Author / Publishing Info. Read
Chinese War: An Account of All the Operations of the British Forces from the Commencement to the Treaty of NankingOuchterlony, John, London: Saunders and Otley, 1844Read
Chinese Repository, The, Vol. 11, from January to December, 1842Canton: the Proprietors, 1842Read
Statement of Claims of the British Subjects Interested in Opium Surrendered to Captain Elliot at Canton for the Public ServiceLondon: Pelham, Richardson, 1840.Read
An Unpublished Account of the First Opium War of 1842: The Journal of Henry LyonJohn J. Burns Library's Blog, July 1, 2013Read
Traditional Government in Imperial China: A Critical AnalysisCh'ien Mu, (translated by Hsueh Chu-tu & Totten, George O.), Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1982Read
Correspondence Respecting Compensation for the Opium Surrendered at Canton in 18391839Read
Doing in China: Being the Personal Narrative of an Officer Engaged in the Late Chinese Expedition, from the Recapture of Chusan in 1841, to the Peace of Nanking in 1842Murray, Alexander, London, Richard Benntley, 1843Read
First Opium War, The, the Anglo-Chinese War of 1839-1842Peter C. Perdue, MIT Visualizing CulturesRead
道光事典余新忠, 台北市, 遠流出版事業股份有限公司, 2006Read
籌辦夷務始末文慶, 花沙納, 朱鳳標, 阿靈阿, 趙光, 彭蘊章, 周祖培, 瑞常, 穆蔭, 雙福, 咸豐六年 (1856)Read
Treaty of Nanking, The: Form and the Foreign Office, 1842-43Wood, R. Derek, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, May 1996, Vol. 24(2), pp.181-196Read
新教傳教士郭實獵在浙江李赛, 浙江大學碩士學位論文, 2006Read
W.L. Clowes on the First Anglo-Chinese War ("Opium war") of 1838 - 1842William Loney RNRead
鴉片戰爭后期中英善后交涉郭衛東, 社會科學研究, 1996年第4期Read
Chinese Dress: From Qing Dynasty to the PresentGarrett, Valery, Tuttle Publishing, 2013Read
Narrative of the Expedition to China from the Commencement of the War to Its Termination in 1842, Vol. 2Bingham, J. Elliot, London: Henry Colburn, 1843Read
China's Intercourse with EuropeParker, E.H., Hong Kong: Kelly & WalshRead
Chinese Account of the Opium WarParker, E.H., Hong Kong: Kelly & Walsh, 1888Read
Defending Christianity in China: The Jesuit Defense of Christianity in the "Lettres Edifiantes Et Curieuses" & "Ruijianlu" in Relation to the Yongzheng Proscription of 1724Marinescu, Jocelyn M.N., ProQuest, 2008Read
Crisis in the Opium Traffic: Being an Account of the Proceedings of the Chinese Government to Suppress that Trade, with the Notices, Edicts, &c., Relating TheretoCanton: Office of the Cinese Repository, 1839Read
Englishman in China During the Victorian Era as Illustrated in the Career of Sir Rutherford Alcock, TheMichie, Alexander, London: William Blackwood & Sons.Read
Final Report Royal Commission on Opium, Vol. 6Royal Commission on Opium, 1895Read
中國近代史, Vol. 1徐中約, Chinese University Press, 2001 Read
Grounds of Judgment: Extraterritoriality and Imperial Power in Nineteenth-Century China and JapanCassel, Par Kristoffer, Oxford University Press, 2012Read
Treaties, Conventions, etc., between China and Foreign States, Vol. 1, Second EditionShanghai: Inspector General, the Maritime Customs, 1917Read


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