Thursday, January 22, 2015

Imperial Rescript (12/31/1838)

Updated January 23, 2015

Date:December 31, 1838 清宣宗道光十八年 (戊戌) 十一月十五日 (癸丑) [the fifteenth day of the eleventh month in the eighteenth year of the reign of Emperor Tao-kuang]
Subject[1]:Lin Tse-hsu (Lin Zexu) appointed Imperial Commissioner; ordered to proceed to Kwangtung with haste


Lin Tse-hsu, Viceroy of Hukwang, is hereby appointed Imperial Commissioner. He shall proceed to Kwangtung with haste to handle port and maritime affairs. He shall be given the command of the naval forces in that province. (translated by Rudi Butt)

Source: 清實錄道光朝實錄 (Qing Shilu, Daoguangchao Shilu) [The Truthful Record of Qing Dynasty: The Truthful Record of the Reign of Daoguang]
[1] Subject was not written in any Imperial Rescript. What appears here has been written for the easy reference of the readership.


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