Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indemnity of the Opium Dealers

Updated January 25, 2015

The Surrender of Opium

20,283 chests was counted when the surrender of opium was completed on March 21, 1839. Each chest of raw opium contained 40 balls of 3 catties each in weight, thus the total weight came up to 120 catties (or roughly 73kg) per chest on average. The contraband confiscated in Canton alone in one operation amounted to a staggering 2,433 metric ton. I was able to trace the owners of 17,920 chests (as shown in the table below), and believe the rest of them were mostly Parsi dealers. Perhaps one day (not very soon) I will find all of them.

Jardine, Matheson & Co.7,341including 5,000 chests owned by its Parsee partners.
Dent & Co. 1,723
Daniel & Co.1,466
MacVicar & Co.1,146
Lindsay & Co.341
W. & J. Gemmell 266
John Thacker86Master mariner.
Turner & Co.71
Joseph & William Cragg & Co.53Dissolved in 1939. Gibb Livington & Co. was charge to take care of all outstanding matters.
Eglinton Maclean & Co.50
Bell & Co. 40
Gibb, Livingston & Co.29
Abaden & Jam Sooden25
James Starkey10Master mariner, captain of schooner "Thistle". Previously a partner with Dirom & Co. of Canton.
Jamieson & How10
A.I. Smith7
Bibby Adam & Co.5Withdrew from China in 1840.
Eneas Fraser, Jr.2
Total British12,683
Heerjeehboy Rustomjee1,700
Dadabhoy & Manockje Rustomkee970
Cowasjee Eduljee232
Nasserwanjee Dorabjee127
Nasserwanjee Bomonjee Mody92
Hormuzjee Framjee73
Cowasjee Saporjee67
Dassabhoy Hormutzjee Dorabjee67
Burjorjee Monackjee54
Rustomjee Ruttonjee & Co.14
Cowasjee Saporjee Taback13
Framjee Jametjee12
Pallanjee Nasserwanjee9
Hormuzjee Byramjee4
Bomanjee Hosonojee3
Abdoolally Ebahim & Co. 鴨都喇利unk.Ran the first cross-harbor ferry service between Tsimshatsui and Central (1842). Claimed to have received compensation from the British government in 1864, amount received unknown. Remains active in Hong Kong under the name of Abdoolally Ebrahim Group.
Total Parsi3,437
Russell & Co.1,437
Wetmore & Co.103Ceased to deal in opium from 1842.
Fox, Rawson & Co.30
Alexander Calder15
Total American1,585
Joseph de Souza183
Edward Pereira33
Total Portuguese216



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