Thursday, February 12, 2015

Imperial Rescripts

Updated February 14, 2015

I/R-12/31/183818/11/15[1]Appoints Lin Tse-hsu Imperial Commissioner to take charge of port and maritime affairs in Kwangtung.
I/R-1/3/183918/11/18Directs Lin Tse-hsu to cutoff opium supplies and eradicate all opiate establishments.
I/R-5/9/183919/3/19Instructs Lin Tse-hsu to destroy the seized opium in public.
I/R-5/25/184222/4/16Commands Keying to proceed to Kwangtung to ascertain the defense readiness of Bocca Tigris and to seek opportunity to recover Hong Kong from the British.
I/R-6/5/184222/4/27Proclaims the Emperor's resolve to suppress opium and to repel foreign invaders.
I/R-8/10/1842 22/7/5Reprimands Keying, etc. for conceding to the British in the matter of excluding Foochow-fu as a treaty port; instructs them to avoid new issues and expedite the conclusion of the treaty.
I/R-8/22/1842 22/7/17Instructs Keying, etc. to accept the heads of agreement dictated by the British save for two modifications: Foochow-fu shall not be included as a treaty port; trading between Ch'ing and the Great Britain shall remain non-governmental affairs.
I/R-9/6/184222/8/2Proclaims the Emperor's assent to the Treaty.

[1] Year/month/day of the reign of Emperor Tao-kuang.


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